Digital Excellence
The NeoAge Framework is based on the JEE enterprise-level technology stack and is designed to significantly reduce the development time of highly loaded applications. There is built-in support for user authentication, a personal account, and ready-to-use software modules that can be used to solve your problems. The front end can be a web application, a mobile application, or a consumer of our microservices.

Software modules


An online store that includes all the necessary options for doing business.

Geo Objects Database

An extensive database of spatial objects, including alternative multilingual names, a huge number of classification options, reference data.

Spatial Search

Search for spatial objects, related goods and other types of documents. Search for objects in a specific area with a given distance and many other features.

Search System

High performance, highly scalable search server, providing fully fault-tolerant distributed indexing, search and analytics.

Graph Database

Highly scalable native graph database, purpose-built to leverage not only data but also data relationships, providing build intelligent applications that traverse today's large, interconnected datasets in real time.

QR Code Generator

This software creates a QR code (a two-dimensional barcode that stores information in black and white dots).

Internet Crawler

collects documents from various online sources. Simulates the actions of a regular user. Able to work in a distributed multiagent environment that provides high performance. Stand-alone product trademark is Mentalis.Net.

Complete linguistic analysis

A complete linguistic analysis of texts is a combination of linguistic and statistical approaches and includes the following processing levels in the structure of unstructured text information: graphematical, morphological, syntactic, semantic and pragmatic. These functions are basic for the implementation of more complex analysis algorithms.


Analytic software & AI

This software provides a comprehensive set of modern, multi-functional tools for processing large amounts of unstructured text information. The combination of tools allows you to solve non-standard analytical tasks to achieve your business goals.